More compact and slightly heavier than the hollow bodies, the solid body models feature the same Array system of note arrangement found on the hollow body acoustic models.

They also have the same dependable and reproductively accurate custom-made 2-channel piezo cable pick-up system. Plugged in, the Solid Body is resistant to high-volume feedback and resonates with rich pure tones that can measure up in most live settings. Even unplugged, you'll get full, clear and rich tones suitable for composing or practicing in almost any situation. Easily packable, this mbira can even be taken as carry-on when traveling.

The solid body instruments are available in a variety of beautiful hardwood combinations. Most of our instruments are finished with clear gloss lacquer or gloss black lacquer however, any color combination is possible.

The three octave models are small and compact and great for traveling. The note range is from C2 to B4. C4 is middle C on a standard keyboard.

Four octave models are our most popular and have a great balance of high and low notes that range from C2 to B5.

The five octave model is a bit of a beast and has amazing bass resonance, especially wonderful in recordings. The note range is from C1 to B5

There is more information on the various models on their respective pages. Most Array Mbiras are made to order and can be customized to your specifications or you can choose from the various models shown.

We are always working on creating a larger inventory of available instruments. If we have available instruments we will list them with the Buy Now Paypal option, if it is not available a Paypal Backorder button will be available.

Shipping Information

All prices for shipping are for Continental US only. For Alaska/Hawaii or International please contact us before placing an order to get a quote.


Custom Built Cases

Any Array Mbira can be ordered with a custom case for traveling, and or shipping. Cases start at $350 and have several options for handles and wheels.